Basically, we are a supply chain company and as such, we shall:

  1. Improve your supply chain efficiencies.
  2. Allow your company to re-focus on your primary business.
  3. Free up your human resources.
  4. Give you ability to measure supply chain peformance through the implementaion of Key Performance Indicators [KPI] .
  5. Bring to you an improvement to your bottom line.


Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited has changed from being a traditional freight forwarder / customs broker to a leading-edge Supply Chain facilitator. However, it cannot be denied that the cornerstone of our services still depend on our ability to transport your goods around the globe, eefiecintly and cost-effectively, with a minimum fuss.

Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited has the capability to move your cargo anywhere in the world via our network of regional offices and oversaes affiliates. We operate regular in and out-bound "consolidations" to all major destinations, either by air or by sea and can offer tailored, multi-modal solutions that will satisfy the most stringent logistical requirements.

Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited understands the local nuances that exist in the global marketplace and have an in-depth knowledge of governmental constraints that must be cmplied with, both here and overseas.

Our sea freight expertise is among the top and there is great confidence in our abilities to meet your road transportation requirements, no matter how complex.


Expediency in the Customs Clearance of your cargo is critical in the logistics chain hence your clearance requirements can be controlled and serviced from our offices and cover every port in Kenya.

Under the strigent Customs Reform and Mordernization program [CRM] requiremnts, we ensure that compliance demands are met for all imports and exports.


Image  It is essential that CRM compliance be met on daily basis by all importers.

Our service is your safety net to ensure that a Customs audit does not result in financial penalties being imposed on your business.

These are all areas that the Commissioner of  Customs Services is closely monitoring via Audit Compliance teams.


 ''Honesty equals good grades & wealth, together we move''

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