Expediency in the Customs Clearance of your cargo is critical in the logistics chain hence your clearance requirements can be controlled and serviced from our offices and cover every port in Kenya.

Under the strigent Customs Reform and Mordernization program [CRM] requiremnts, we ensure that compliance demands are met for all imports and exports.


Image  It is essential that CRM compliance be met on daily basis by all importers.

Our service is your safety net to ensure that a Customs audit does not result in financial penalties being imposed on your business.

These are all areas that the Commissioner of  Customs Services is closely monitoring via Audit Compliance teams.



At Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited, we run a highly experienced Exports Department, which can assist you establish a reliable supply chain for your products, hether you are entering the export maarket for the first time or are looking ton source all, or part of your export fuctions.

Needless to say, whenused in conjuction with global logistics services, Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited can allow you to out-source your total export function with confidence. You maintain the control over the supply chain without the burden of owning the actual execution.


Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited can provide your organization with an intergrated third-party logistics solution that will free up your working capital and labour resources.

We can always arrange long-term waeousing at a minimal costs.



We have developed a file management policy that ensures Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited provides the best available road transport for your delicate goods for delivery within the city as well as across borders regionally for any out of size cargo (oversize & awkwardly shaped cargo).
We have our own delivery vans thus make several road trips every month moving in and out of the airport as well as various points in East Africa.


Our latest software design will soon allow you to track individual cargo from other inception right through to the warehouse and distribution function allowing you complete visibility and control of the supply chain.



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