Comprehensive Insurance

Our insurance policy ensures all claims of damage are compensated promptly.

Tracking System

We have a globe-track system which is constantly upgraded with individual passwords for all clients who need information on their shipments around the clock.

Dedicated Service

We have personnel dedicated to all client needs. In particular, we understand your requirements from a cost and efficiency point of view.

Flexible Credit

Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited has demonstrated flexibility and understanding in its credit operations with clients as a result of the close partnership we have developed through the years.

  1. With our experience and know how in handling delicate cargo, we can help you identify problems and avoid mistakes.
  2. Ramsford Freight Forwarders Limited will adopt a “purpose-built” approach to your cargo rotation requirements, ensuring that your organization will be able to focus on its core business whilst maintaining a consistent supply of product to your customers.
  3. Rates as well as clientele list is available on request.
  4. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of an intelligent affort.

 ''Honesty equals good grades & wealth, together we move''

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